Musical Interlude: Lindsey Stirling

Weer’d posted a music video yesterday that led me to an artist that I hadn’t heard of before: “hip-hop” violinist Lindsey Stirling. She has some good videos up on her Youtube channel.

Wee’rd posted my favourite one today, so I’ll post another good one instead.

As a bonus, she’s got geek cred, too.

Go check her out!

Update: Speaking of geek cred, one commenter on the Zelda video says, “I used to think violin’s were boring, but then I took a Lindsey Stirling to the ears.”

I had to giggle at that one.


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  1. I like the shadow one too! Probably my 2nd fav so far.

    The Zelda one was awesome, esthetically the attention to detail in the video, tho from a VG Music g33k (seriously, listening to this podcast right now!

    I kinda think the Ocarina of Time has been played to death. I would have been floored if she had taken more riffs from Link’s Awakening. That OST gets a lot of Remix and sample love, but it could stand a bit more IMHO.

    • In her defense (as I just realized), the original game was released seven months before she was born. Since Ocarina of Time was really the game that brought the franchise back to life, that’s probably the one that she’s most familiar with.

      I, on the other hand, remember playing the original on a rented system (and the accompanying “pull the cartridge out, blow in the slot, blow on the contacts, put it back in and see if it works now” game that the original NES was famous for). Boy, that makes me feel old.

  2. Cute even with the ears!

  3. Anyone who thinks violin is boring has probably never run across Jean-Luc Ponty.


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