Quote of the Day – 2012-03-13

Today’s QOTD comes from Linoge, by way of yesterday’s QOTD at Walls of the City.

No, a third party is not going to win this election, and it does not even really have a chance of placing that well in the overall poles… which is primarily due to the fact that no one votes third party, which is due to those people convincing themselves that third parties cannot win, which is due to the fact… And ’round and ’round we go.

What can I say? Circular logic makes me giggle.

That is exactly what has been running around and around in my head (how appropriate!) most of this election season, but that I haven’t really been able to put into words in a coherent fashion.

Third parties don’t have a chance because everybody assumes they don’t have a chance, and because nobody wants “the wrong lizard” to win because a third party has split the slightly-less-wrong lizard’s vote. So nobody votes for the human, and we are forever ruled by lizards.

I have a novel idea. Let’s try voting for the human, this time, okay? If everybody who is sick of voting for the lizards votes for the human for a change, he might just have a chance.


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  1. I loved the topic, really nice. Thank you.


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