Quote of the Day – 2012-03-15

From Robb:

[N]obody seems to listen to those of us who constantly harp on why limiting government is so important. […] You want to stop the government from doing things you don’t like, stop giving them the power to do it. […] Because each time you tell a misrepresentative that yes, you would like them to be able to control the other side, eventually that other side gets their turn on The Levers of Making You Do Shit.

Exactly. If you want to mandate that the non-promiscuous must provide free birth control to the people who can’t keep it in their pants or can’t stop spreading their legs at the drop of a hat, don’t be surprised if, when it’s their turn at the reins of power, they mandate that everybody must wear a chastity belt and the government gets to control access to the keys (in order to keep costs down, of course). If you mandate that the government must provide “free” health care to everyone, don’t be surprised when the other side uses that to say you can’t drink coffee or smoke weed because the effects on your health make providing that “free” health care cost more. If you open the door, don’t be surprised when the person next to you steps through it.

In other words, as many of us have been saying for years, consider every proposed law as if it will be enforced by your worst enemy – because eventually it will be.


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