Movie Review Haiku: The Avengers

Unexpected death.
Another Joss Whedon win.
Worth. Every. Penny.


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  1. “Another Joss Whedon win.” I’m actually thinking “Finally Joss Whedon wins.” Now he can throw his weight around and hopefully he brings us some cool TV shows that won’t be on Fox.

    • Hmm… If you say “finally” with three syllables, that works. My first thought was “Joss Whedon brings the win,” but that didn’t fit the haiku pattern.

      And I agree. Fox seems to know he could be a big winner for them, but for some reason they just can’t resist screwing him (and their viewers) over every chance they get.

  2. Yeah Hulk! He and Iron Man stole the show in my opinion .. I’m planning on seeing this again once the crowds die down


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