And the Libertarian Party Candidate for President is…

Gary Johnson. Officially, and with 70% of the votes in the first round (for perspective, in 2008 it took six rounds of voting to pick a candidate).

Retired judge James P. Gray will be his running mate. Something I was not aware of, but the LP’s presidential candidate doesn’t choose his own running mate. From the LP website:

Both the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees are elected at the convention through independent voting processes starting with the presidential nomination. The Presidential nominee does not choose his or her running mate.

Johnson did request that Mr. Gray be chosen, and Gray won 59% of the votes in that contest. It seems that the presidential nominee has some influence on the VP nomination, but does not necessarily get the person he wants. Fortunately, Johnson endorsed Gray early on, so it’s a united ticket.


[Source: Libertarian Party press release, retrieved 5/5/12]
[Source: AP article on Yahoo! News, retrieved 5/5/12]
[Source: (Second) Libertarian Party press release, retrieved 5/5/12]

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  1. Hells yeah, he has my vote!

  2. I figured I was going to vote for Johnson as soon as I saw his credentials, regardless of what party he ended up with. I am not sure if his being aligned with the big-L Libertarians makes me happy or not, but at least more people will be voting for him than there would have been.


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