What government does

Closes pools for not having equipment that isn’t available.

Hotels may be forced to close their pools this summer. May 21 is the deadline to comply with new regulations that require all public pools to be handicap accessible.

But the equipment they need isn’t available.


The General Manager ordered the wheelchair lift the first of the year but it’s now on back order.
He’s not sure when it will arrive.  The lift and installation will cost the Quality Inn about $6,000.

Uncle mentioned this back in March when the original deadline hit. That was extended, but that extension runs out just before Memorial Day weekend, when most hotels open their pools for the summer – and get a lot of business from people expecting to be able to use the pool. The Feds are supposedly considering another extension, but “no decision has been made” yet. And, of course, we see this onerous and retroactive requirement (there is apparently no grandfathering) in the middle of a recession.

Good job, FedGov!


[Source: WDBJ7 News report, retrieved 5/15/12]

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  1. Joe E.

     /  May 17, 2012

    That sounds about right…


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