Who needs a gun on campus? – Attempted Abduction

Update – 2012-06-29 @ 2200: The Roanoke Times is reporting that police have made an arrest. It appears that there was only one person involved, not two as originally reported. The man police arrested was employed by a contractor doing construction on campus.

From the Virginia Tech Police:

BLACKSBURG, Va., June 29, 2012 – The following information was reported to the Virginia Tech Police Department early this morning by the victim of an attempted abduction.

Early this morning (Friday, June 29, 2012), at approximately 2:15 a.m., a female was walking from College Avenue, across Henderson Lawn, toward Alumni Mall. She was approached by two males who grabbed her and attempted to drag her toward a pickup truck on Alumni Mall. She was able to escape from them and ran away from the scene toward College Avenue.

She is lucky that she could get away. What were their intentions? I certainly don’t doubt the possibility that it was just two VT students playing what they thought was a practical joke, but it’s far more likely that they had nefarious intent. Robbery? Rape? Murder? Only they know for sure.

Even worse, Virginia Tech has done everything they can to keep students, faculty, and visitors disarmed. They would prefer that a woman be dragged off by two men for who knows what purposes than be able to shoot them to protect herself. They fail to see that this policy failed to protect the victims on April 16, 2007. They fail to see that this policy failed to protect Xin Yang in 2009. They fail to see that this policy failed to protect Officer Deriek Crouse.

They fail to see – or simply don’t care – that gun bans only protect criminals. It’s a very lucky thing that the police are only investigating an attempted kidnapping, and not a missing person report, rape, or murder.


[Source: Virginia Tech website, retrieved 6/29/12]

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  1. Joe E.

     /  June 29, 2012

    “Interesting” that they didn’t activate their precious alert system…

    • I’m not sure if there are actually any classes going on right now, so the most they could do is blow the sirens – which doesn’t tell anyone anything specific – and put it on the website. People might check the website when they hear the sirens, but with the temperatures today most of the surrounding homes and business had the windows closed (I know we did) and probably wouldn’t have heard it.

      But, yeah, it is “interesting”, and I do wonder what their justification was.

      • Joe E.

         /  June 30, 2012

        I’ve gotten weather alerts from them in the middle of the night before. I would have thought an attempted kidnapping would qualify.

        There are summer classes, but not usually at 2AM.

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