Hacker humor!

I LOL’d.

According to a report on security site F-Secure, Iran’s nuclear energy group — called the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, or AEOI for short — is reaching out for help to rid its system of a malicious program that not only threatens the facility’s daily operations, but also plays a 90s rock anthem on the infected computers.


The rather vague wording of the email leaves a few unanswered questions as to just what parts of the AEOI are in danger, but one piece of information was very clear: The insidious software prompted several of the group’s computers to begin playing the song “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC in the middle of the night, and at full volume. [Emphasis mine – Jake]


I’m using the term “hacker” here rather than “cracker” because I strongly suspect that this was either an official (but classified) .gov operation, or that there is tacit-but-unacknowledged .gov approval – especially since the US has supposedly hacked Iran’s nuclear program before. In other words, it’s probably (arguably) legitimate cyber-warfare between national governments, instead of criminal mischief. This is also why I’m not condemning the vandalism aspect. The music, since it’s pretty much harmless, could be a great joke in other circumstances – for example, I would (if I were capable of doing something like this) include instructions to remove the virus that required closing the security hole first, as sort of a “secure your system” wake up call – but system damage that threatened normal operations would just not be kosher normally.*

* That’s my honor code. Small details may vary from person to person (e.g., some may think even the music would be going too far), but “do no harm” is pretty much an absolute. If I’d gone into computing instead of EMS, I’m the kind of person that might have ended up a samurai or a sort of benign black hat.


[Source: Y! Tech article, retrieved 7/24/12]

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