Yet again, armed self defense works.

An armed employee stops a robbery.

A gunshot, fired by an armed employee, interrupted a store robbery in northwest Roanoke late Tuesday.Officers responded to Annwil Grocery in the 200 block of 24th Street near Shenandoah Avenue about 11:50 p.m., according to police spokeswoman Aisha Johnson. Investigators were told that a male had entered the store and showed a gun to the employee at the register, Johnson said. She said the cashier also produced a gun and fired one shot, scaring the male out of the store.

We see it again and again. Most (though certainly not all) criminals, when confronted with deadly force in response to their own threats of deadly force, will turn tail and run. Contrary to the claims of the gun banners, self defense can work. While a gun is not a guarantee of success, it is still the most effective tool for defense against violence.

Carry your gun!


[Source: Roanoke Times article, retrieved 8/10/12]

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  1. I teach that your personal protection and safety is your responsibility. This article demonstrates why it’s critical you need to learn how to defend yourself and your family.



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