A very good point about Paul Ryan by Lee Doren…

and one that I’ll take to an additional conclusion.

He’s exactly right. The Obama campaign (and Democrats in general) has been using Paul Ryan as the economic bogyman of the Republican party, while most Republicans have done a poor job of defending Ryan’s plans and articulating his reasoning. Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP candidate will neutralize that avenue of attack because he can articulate his proposals and the reasons behind them in a way that other Republicans cannot, and hopefully he won’t let them cherry-pick the facts and talking points, either.

But there’s another reason that Ryan is a good pick for VP.* Simply put, the vast majority of voters don’t really understand how bad the federal “budget” is. Having Ryan as a VP candidate will put someone in the national spotlight that the press will have a hard time justifying  ignoring, and who can present the situation to the public in an articulate fashion. It will, hopefully, get the word out in a way that will make people pay attention.

Watching him wipe the floor with Biden in the debates will just be icing on the cake, and probably pretty entertaining.


* Aside from the fact that, like Palin was for McCain, he’s a better Presidential candidate than Romney and will draw a number of people who will be voting for him rather than for Romney.

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  1. And he’s good on guns. He hunts deer and pigs and he supports the 2nd Amendment and National reciprocity. I’d love to see him take the helm for two more Terms after a Romney administration makes the major turn-around on socialism and the welfare state… Hey, I can wish!


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