Sunday Gun Pr0n!

Well, I said I was expecting a new toy, so here it is!

Click to embiggenate.

That is a “sporterized” m98 Mauser, in the original 8mm Mauser chambering (a.k.a., 7.92x57mm Mauser). This was a gift from Dad, and it’s the rifle I learned to hunt with when I was a kid.

The original 3 position safety has been replaced with a Buehler-style 2 position safety (similar to this one), and the bolt handle was bent down and slightly back from the original horizontally straight configuration. Dad is “pretty sure” that it’s been glass bedded. The trigger has been customized and is very nice, with no slack and a sharp break. You can see in these pictures that the bluing has been worn in some places from use.

The stock has a nice looking grain, and two “racing stripes” with a sort of lightning bolt motif at the front and at the base of the grip. The rear sight is fully adjustable and the front sight is nice and thin, with a gold coloured “bead” for better visibility.

This has always been my favourite rifle. Now I just need to get some stripper clips for it! (And more ammo. Always more ammo!)


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