Gun show report

I met Dad at the gun show Saturday, and we did the usual wandering around and chatting, but it was productive, too. He brought me the Mauser I posted about yesterday, and also brought a gun to sell, a reproduction S&W Schofield revolver in .45 Long Colt. That met with immediate success, and sold at the very first table right by the doors. In fact, we didn’t even get to start approaching the tables before the dealer called out “Are you looking to sell that?” A little haggling later, and Dad was $X richer (X being only $25 below his initial asking price) and the dealer was one reproduction Schofield richer. He also had a custom holster to sell, but that didn’t pan out.

The show wasn’t packed, but it was busy. The ammunition dealers looked like they planned to sell a lot, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of them still sold out before the weekend was over (this is the first time I’ve noticed several people walking out with one or more cases of ammunition). I noticed a few more “evil black rifles” than usual, too. There were lots of pistols, of course, but nothing that tempted me to immediately trade in my Taurus (which is something I was looking for, though not aggressively – though I did have the box in the car).

If I’d had $1K to spare, I probably would have walked out with an AR-15 of some sort (and I don’t even really care for that style, but every time they start talking about “assault weapon” bans, I get this urge to buy one, because FSCK YOU). If I’d had $800 to spare, I probably would have walked out with a Chiappa Rhino (or maybe a bare-bones AR). Sadly, I didn’t even have $1 to spare, so I walked out with nothing. But it was still fun!


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  1. You can always go the DIY route and start with a bare lower – those are going for all of $70 these days.

    I would offer to sell you mine, but I snagged it back during the last pre-election craze and paid over twice that.

    • That thought has been running through my head, lately. My contrariness is slowly approaching the point of outweighing the combination of my usual “meh” attitude towards the platform and my general laziness. The knowledge that I really should have a semi-auto rifle that will take commonly available ammo and magazines is contributing, too.

  2. satorinoir

     /  August 21, 2012

    I’ve always wanted a Schofield, the break-top mechanism is a neat feature on a revolver and it gives some semblance to Vash’s firearm from Trigun.

    I was at a gun show last week and saw a 6″ Chiappa Rhino for $715. I was tempted to trade-in my 4″ Rhino for the longer barrel model but decided I had too much sentimental value invested in it being my first ever gun.

    • I saw one Rhino there. I think it was a a 2″ or 3″, and was about $750-ish. Add in taxes and Brady fees and it would have been kissing $800.

      I’d prefer not to spend that much on a carry gun, because if I ever need it I may not ever see it again, but I wouldn’t mind spending that for one with a 6″ barrel.


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