Voter fraud IS disenfranchisement

SayUncle points us to a story about a small business in Chattanooga that was recently killed by excessive regulation. It’s an interesting story, and I encourage you to read it, but what I want to talk about comes from an off-topic subject in the  article’s comments, by user “happywithnewbulbs”, who says:

The amount of voter fraud is inconsequential. The effects of disenfranchisement? Admitted even by the proponents of these ID measures.

That stupidity irritated me enough that I actually went ahead and created an account there, just so I could respond to it. My response?

Voter fraud IS disenfranchisement. For every fraudulent vote, one legitimate voter who cast a ballot a different way has had his or her vote nullified – effectively disenfranchising them. So, no, voter fraud is NOT “inconsequential”, it has the exact same consequences as disenfranchisement. It’s just harder to pick a specific person who lost their vote.

It’s simple. Every invalid vote cancels an opposite valid vote, taking away that legitimate voter’s vote. That is, in fact, the entire purpose of voter fraud – to achieve the desires of the people organizing the fraud, in direct opposition to the desires of the legitimate voters.

That is far from inconsequential.


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  1. Apparently the jackass bulb-sucker thinks (s)he gets to define and re-define words as (s)he pleases – another case of disenfranchisement…


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