Help a fellow blogger out

I’ve been out of town and busy since about this time last week, and my internet time has been minimal. So while I’ve been aware of it, I haven’t been able to post about Tam’s recent skin-cancer diagnosis. Fortunately (for given values of ‘fortunate’), it’s “just” basal cell carcinoma, which is, as Tam so eloquently puts it, “cancer’s farm team”.

Still, cancer sucks, whether it’s  the farm team or the major league. The worst of it, though, is that Tam is (as she puts it) “self-unemployed”, and unfortunately also uninsured.

Cancer treatments are expensive.

Facial surgery is expensive.

Follow-up care for both of those is expensive.

Cancer can leave you financially hurting even with insurance. Without insurance, it can be a nightmare. Tam could use a little help (or probably a lot of help, really).

Fortunately, Tam has us. The bloggers and followers that rely on her for our daily dose of grade-A snark. Right now, there are several raffles, auctions, and other fundraisers going on to help her out JayG has a good round-up here, and Tam has a good link-farm, too. Plus, she has a tip jar on her own site that we can use for donations.

I have to wait until payday, but I will be hitting that tip jar. Let’s all chip in and give a good woman a hand, shall we?


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word

    • Not a problem.

      Sorry about the delay in getting your comment up. You got caught in the spam filter, which I’ve been bad about checking lately.


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