Quote of the Day – 2012-12-19: Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

In an interview addressing gun laws and school safety policies, Gov. McDonnell cut straight to the heart of what is critical in any discussion about what “needs to be done” as a result of the Newtown school shooting.

“The key is don’t overreact,” McDonnell said. “Don’t react solely when you’re emotional, because your policies may not be right, but really get to the bottom of what works and what can actually make a difference.”

When you legislate solely from emotion, as the anti-Rights cultists would have our government do, you usually end up with laws that make things worse, not better.

This goes hand-in-hand with the Quote of the Day at SayUncle’s.

Grieve first, then make decisions — not the other way around.

When you are grieving, and in pain, and reacting emotionally, you are not thinking rationally. You cannot see reality clearly enough and calmly enough to weigh important decisions.

I did not watch the President’s press conference today, where he formally announced his intent to push for more gun control, but others did. It sounds like he is going to push through a new Assault Weapon Ban, and that he will try and rush it through. There can be only one reason for that – he doesn’t want to give anyone time to look at it calmly and rationally, and to analyze it for flaws and Constitutional violations. I fully expect claims from Obama and Feinstein that – like the Affordable Care Act – “we have to pass it to know what’s in it.”

He wants to use… No. He wants to abuse the pain and grief of the nation – the spilled blood of murdered, innocent children – to push through restrictive laws that would not survive a calm and reasoned debate.

We gun owners are in for the legislative fight of our lives. Pay attention. Be proactive. Contact your representatives at both the state and federal levels.

Be polite, but be firm, and above all be unyielding. The Executive branch is against us. We cannot count on the Judicial branch to help us, and by the time it gets to that point it may already be too late. We must stop this at the legislative level.

There are four boxes in our system of government.

The Soap box. The Ballot box. The Jury box. The Cartridge box.

They are meant to be used in that order. We should only progress to the next box when the current one has failed.

I greatly fear that if the Soap box and the Ballot box fail, someone will push us right past the Jury box, with disastrous results.

I am terrified that the Executive and the Legislature might be willing to push hard enough to justify opening that last box.

I hope you are at least worried about this, too. There are rays of hope, here and there, but the voices raised against us now are deafening. This political battle will be critical, and none of us can afford to remain on the sidelines.


[Source: Roanoke Times article, retrieved 12/18/12]

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  1. I’ve been leaving this comment around in several places because it is so applicable to what we are saying and what the anti-rights people are saying:

    “Maybe he can lead this national discussion but I made this proposal yesterday because I don’t want us to lose the hurt and anger we feel now and our resolve to do something”

    –Joe Leiberman

    • Ugh. That made me cringe. But he’s actually right – the anti-Rights cultists can’t let people “lose the hurt and anger” without committing to a course of action, because they know their arguments and ideas won’t withstand reasoned analysis. We, on the other hand, have to push for people to wait until that hurt and anger have faded, so that they will be able to make that reasoned analysis.

      We have an uphill battle that will get easier the longer it lasts. They have a battle that starts easy, and only becomes difficult if they cannot secure an early and decisive victory.

  2. Steve

     /  December 19, 2012

    I apologize for this – i don’t mean to seem cold and heartless, ‘ but nothing has changed in principle ‘ . I do not diminish the act of inhumanity that occured on friday, but any type of aquiessance to the 2nd amendment will mean the death of those kids, and the upheavel of the lives of their parents will have had it’s desired effect in political circles. Yes, the government set up the slaughter ( the wheels have been turning for years ) in order to justify discussion which will ultimately be the first ” proverbial ” shot to be fired at the 2nd amendment – it is incrimental, slow and methodical, but eventually the pace is stepped up. THAT, my friends is the way evil works.


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