An experiment

I filled the car with ethanol-free gas today. I want to see if there’s a change in my gas mileage, and if it’s enough to justify the extra $0.23 / gallon that it costs.


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  1. Joe E.

     /  February 27, 2013

    Where did you find it around here?

    • Price’s Service Center. 1107 North Main Street in Blacksburg (on the corner at Broce Drive).

      It’s about $0.20 more than Kroger’s base price, and there’s no option to pay at the pump, but I think the side closest to the store is full service. The side by Main St is self serve.

    • Joe E.

       /  February 28, 2013

      Update with your test results. It’s a bit far out of my way, but may be worthwhile.

      • Joe E.

         /  February 28, 2013

        Forgot to say “please”. Didn’t mean to sound demanding…

      • Results of the first tank are up, in a separate post. Very preliminary.

  2. steve

     /  February 28, 2013

    Just today i was thinking about how every other fill up i use the more expensive midgrade gas and 23 cents a gallon extra is also about what i pay, so i was thinking about expirimenting with a $1.99 can of octane booster to see if theres any difference in mileage. the gas costs me $3.91 based on a 17 gallon tank. Also years ago in order to pass emissions i used to mix in a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in with a full tank of fuel and it would work wonders ( thats when emissions were thought to have been important – not like the government mandated money grabs of today ) most cars have hot enough burning spark plugs to burn off the residue; and won’t leavin your spark plugs fouled – if i were you i’d ask a mechanic about that one before you do it. lol

  3. I did the test for the first time the other way. In Maine E10 Gas is not mandated and at the time of my move to Massachusetts most stations didn’t stock the stuff. Then I moved to Massachusetts with a Ford Ranger with a dodgy fuel gauge.

    I didn’t drive by the needle, I drove by the miles on the odometer…..and I found myself walking to a gas station to borrow a can of gas.

    That’s the ONLY time I’ve every run out of gas in a car, and its because of the mileage loss from E10 gas.


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