Breaking: Shooting at New River Valley Community College

Update – 1609 hrs: The Christiansburg Police chief spoke at a press conference this afternoon, and stated that there were two people injured – one flown and one taken to the local hospital – and a suspect in custody. It is believed that there is no more danger. No further information is being released at this time.

Ignore the stupid reporters calling him a Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy. That’s definitely a CPD uniform, and you can see the eagles on his collar even with the poor quality streaming video. The press, as usual, is ignorant.


News reports here, here, and here.

That third link is to the Roanoke Times, which seems to be having issues at the moment, probably due to high traffic.

This is in Christiansburg, VA, right next to Blacksburg and Virginia Tech.

Initial reports are that the shooter is in custody, and that one person was flown out. The media has no reports of other injuries at this time. The police have a press briefing scheduled for 1500hrs EDT.


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  1. mike hunt

     /  April 12, 2013

    His name is [REDACTED – Jake] he used a Stevens 320 shotgun

  2. Do you have an independently verifiable source? I don’t doubt you, but I’d like to practice “trust but verify” in these kinds of situations. Also, I’ve redacted the name until I have further information – I don’t publish the names of spree killers / mass shooters / etc. I refuse to give them the infamy most of them seem to seek.

    • I saw a reference to that on the local paper’s website a couple of hours ago, too. From his posting, I think I’ll keep with the policy of not posting his name here. It’s going to get plastered over the news enough as it is, considering the timing and the fact that VT is only about 15 minutes away.

  1. Some followup on the NRV Mall / New River Community College Shootings | Curses! Foiled Again!

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