A Significant Failure in the Victim Selection Process

… seems to be a bit of an understatement.

Thugs Try Brazen Robbery, Get Shot by 3 Workers, Each with their own gun

Nice! I expect they needed new underwear after that little fiasco.


Who needs a gun on a college campus? – Mob assault edition

This morning, on the VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) campus, 2 people were assaulted and robbed by a group of about 15 “young people”, in two separate attacks.

Police are searching today for a group of about 15 young people believed to have punched one passerby and robbed and beaten another in rapid succession on Virginia Commonwealth University’s main downtown Richmond campus.


VCU and Richmond police described the assailants as a group of 15 black males between the ages of 17 and 22.


The first victim, who is not a VCU student, reported being punched without provocation by a member of the group while getting out of a vehicle at Shafer and West Grace streets.

Moments later, the group encountered the second victim, a VCU student, at Shafer and West Franklin streets. The student told police one member of the group made a comment about his boots before he was punched in the back of the head and knocked to the ground.

Once on the ground, the student was allegedly was told by one of the assailants, “Give me everything you’ve got.” The student was punched again, this time in the neck, and a pack of cigarettes was stolen from his pants pocket, police said.

VCU is, of course, one of those universities that is a Victim Disarmament Gun Free Zone – in this case, a prohibition that has the force of law (PDF warning) because it is enshrined in the state’s administrative code. Yet this isn’t the first time that VCU has had people victimized on campus.

These people felt it was acceptable to attack and injure people for what appears to be nothing more than their own entertainment. The pack of cigarettes seems to have been just a bonus.

Victim disarmament Gun-free zones only disarm the law-abiding – the ones you don’t need to worry about. We need to end them, now.


[Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch article, retrieved 8/24/12]

(H/T SayUncle)

Grandmother survives armed robbery and shootout

By a miracle it would seem. Take a look at the picture in the article. Eight bullet holes in the hood, one in the grill, and both front windows shot out (the bullet hole in the windshield was apparently from her gun). From what I can tell from the article (all standard MSM caveats apply), the bad guys took a pretty tactically sound approach, with one in front of the vehicle and one on the driver’s side. They ordered her to unlock the truck and give them “the money,” probably referring to the nightly deposit from her convenience stores. She decided to fight, assuming that they were going to kill her anyway – and probably rightly so, considering that she later realized that she recognized them as regulars at one of her stores and probably would have been able to identify them later – and drew her pistol. In the firefight that followed, she hit one robber in the chest and forced the other to retreat. It’s more than likely that they had followed her before to plan this out. She survived because she was willing to fight.

But Jay G does a pretty good job covering that angle. Like he says, “Give them just what they’re asking for – hot lead.” I want to look at something else from that article.

Campbell said she owns several guns of all calibers, and given that she owns 13 convenience stores in Macon, Fort Valley and Columbus, she always keeps one on her hip and one in her car. Each store also has at least one gun.

If you listen to the anti-Rights cultists, this is a sign of paranoia, and evidence that she is mentally unfit to own firearms (of course, to the anti-Rights cultists, wanting to own any gun is evidence of being mentally unfit to own firearms). After all, why would anyone need* more than one gun, right (or at least one of each type – rifle, shotgun, and pistol)? And look at those numbers – that’s a minimum of fifteen guns that she owns – why would any one person need that many guns? And why would anyone need to carry one all the time? It’s paranoia!

Well, maybe because you never know when and where you’ll need one. Here’s one good example of the fact that a certain amount of “paranoia” is both normal and healthy. In fact, it looks like she was just “paranoid” enough to keep herself alive. While there’s no guarantee they would have killed her, they sure didn’t hesitate to start shooting when it looked like she was going to resist! And we all know that compliance does not guarantee safety.

Yet the anti-Rights cultists would rather have her robbed, probably murdered, and possibly raped (what, do you think someone willing to commit armed robbery and probably murder would hesitate at committing rape?) than have a violent criminal killed.

Remember, it may be “just money”, but the criminal has already decided whether it’s worth your life or not. You will never know what that decision was until it’s too late, so your best bet is to act as if the answer is “yes”, and give them what they want. Hot lead.

Remember, self defense works. And always CARRY YOUR GUN.

*Not that “need” really has anything to do with it.


[Source: Article in The Telegraph (Macon(?), GA), retrieved 4/25/12]

(h/t Jay G at MArooned)

Home invasion and armed robbery

In Blacksburg this weekend.

Blacksburg police are seeking information on what’s being investigated as an armed robbery involving three “college-age” men.

The incident happened Sunday night, according to a police news release.

Officers responded to the Orchard Lane area at 6:25 p.m. after a report of an armed robbery and home invasion. It was reported that three men entered the victim’s home brandishing a weapon, took some items and fled, according to the release.

There’s not a lot of information in the story I ran across this morning, and I’m too busy at the moment to dig further for more. But I’ll take this short break to remind Hokies (and everyone else, really) to stay alert, lock your doors and be careful when answering them, and above all, CARRY YOUR GUNS! Even at home, have it either on you or easily and readily accessible. They only wanted property… this time. Their next intended victims might not be so fortunate.


[Source: Roanoke Times article, retrieved 1/24/12]

A Gunblogger’s real life DGU, thankfully with no shots fired

Gunblogger RedeemedBoyd (now added to the blogroll) has done us the honor of recounting his recent Defensive Gun Use (DGU). This occurred only a few days ago, so his recollections are still fresh. Go, read. I have a few comments for when you’re done.

Got it? Good. Let’s look at a couple of things.

Others, including RedeemedBoyd, have already pointed out how it was his situational awareness that allowed him to stop the attack before it even occurred, but I really want to emphasize one significant point: nothing the attackers did in preparation for this ambush appeared unusual or out of place for the location.

Think about that. Every piece of their setup looked innocuous, and nothing set of his alarms until they actually made their approach. Even then, it was only because he saw motion in his mirror from the corner of his eye that he was able to focus on their approach and see the warning signs in time to take the precaution of drawing his pistol. Had he not seen that motion, he might not have had time to notice that they were trying to hide what they were carrying. Had he not been paying attention to his surroundings, he might not have noticed them at all until they were right next to his windows, by which point he probably would not have gotten out of the encounter without at least two broken windows, and probably not without some kind of injury. He would have been trying to draw his pistol while somebody was either grabbing him or striking him with an ASP baton – and at the same time as the other attacker would likely have been trying to grab his daughter on the other side.

Another question to ask, and the answer to this one is pretty chilling: What was their objective? This seems to be an odd and ineffective setup for a simple robbery. If it was a carjacking, they probably wouldn’t have been as ready to break the windows – I don’t know what part of the country he’s in, but this is still January, and even if it is unseasonably warm there it’s still probably cool enough that driving without windows would be unpleasant. Also, whether it was a carjacking or simple theft to strip and sell the car, the getaway car seems to be extraneous – they could drive the stolen car just as easily.

The biggest conclusion that looms in my mind is that this was intended as a physical assault, perhaps as part of an initiation. And that could have been very bad news. Hopefully, if that were the case, they would have left his daughter alone. Hopefully.

Fortunately, RedeemedBoyd had three things working in his favour. 1) He was aware of his surroundings, 2) He was armed, and 3) He kept the presence of mind to react appropriately and prepare as soon as he recognized the possibility of danger.

The final thing to take from this is that the attackers were cowards. As soon as they realized their intended prey was armed, they panicked and ran like scared little jackrabbits with a pack of hounds after them. No attempts to bluster or intimidate, or even to carry out their attack at all. They just ran.

Remember that. Most violent predators are cowards. They deliberately choose the weak, helpless, or unaware – those who are least likely to be able to fight back effectively – as their victims, and they frequently run when confronted. But it’s also very important to remember that they don’t always run. Don’t expect your gun to be a magic talisman that frightens away your attackers as soon as it is drawn without you ever having to pull the trigger. Be prepared to shoot if you have to.

And always carry your gun. It’s a lighter burden than regret.


An update to yesterday’s home invasion story – now a homicide

Update – 6 January 2012: The suspect has been arrested.

New information has been published about Monday’s home invasion beating in Roanoke, that I posted about yesterday. There are two key facts I want to cover before anything else.

First, this is now a murder. The male victim has died from his injuries.

Secondly, I need to make a correction. The original story made it appear as if the female victim owned the home where this occurred, and that the male victim did not live there. The new story states that they were actually married, and rented and lived in the home together.

The police have now named a suspect.

On Wednesday, officers were looking for Christopher Lee Saunders, of Roanoke, who was wanted on charges of breaking and entering, malicious wounding and assault and battery, said Roanoke police spokeswoman Aisha Johnson.

They are still saying this was not a random attack, but are not releasing anything about any suspected motive or any relationship between the victim and attacker.

Expanding a bit on my previous post, it is worth noting that the suspected attacker is 24 years old, and the victim was 56 years old and a dialysis patient. The family says he had recently been in the hospital for several months, and was bedridden. How can a 56 year old man on dialysis and who was bedridden be expected to defend himself against a (presumably) healthy man half his age without some type of force-multiplier – such as a firearm? Yet the victim in this case was permanently barred from firearm ownership because of a single incident 20 years ago, despite the fact that he was trusted with such other dangerous items like gasoline, fertilizer, matches, or any of dozens of household chemicals. Even worse, because of his history, his wife was effectively prohibited from possessing a firearm in the home as well, without taking elaborate and probably prohibitively expensive precautions to prevent any possibility of her husband having “access” to it. Her age is not given, but it’s likely it would be difficult for her to defend herself against this attacker, much less her ailing husband, using only the weapons she would be allowed to keep in their home.

I will reiterate here that, as far as I can tell, he turned his life around and had been a law-abiding and productive citizen for the last 20 years. There is simply no valid reason someone like that should have been prohibited from possessing a firearm.


[Source: The Roanoke Times, retrieved 1/5/12]

Defensive Gun Use – What did the intruder have in mind?

Sarah over at Cranky Chicks with Guns tells us about a successful DGU by her sister, in her sister’s new home, where Sarah is currently living.

Rather than give a summary here, I want you to go there and read the whole thing. Then come back and read the rest of my post here.

Go on, I’ll wait.

Done? I want to point out a couple of things.

First, I want you to recall this part.

So, the bad guy’s head was at the bottom of the doorway because he was standing on the ground. When he saw Cee, they stared at each other for what she said felt like forever. It wasn’t too hard to see the dude because, even though the back-porch light wasn’t on, there was a kitchen light shining partly into the hallway.

Then he resumed trying to open the door and climb into the trailer.
[Emphasis mine.]

He knew someone was there, and he knew that she saw him. He could reasonably assume that other people were there from when he had knocked on the door earlier (more on that later). Yet he still tried to get in, even once he knew he had been seen.

What do you think he might have been planning to do once he got inside?

Next, let’s look at this point.

Around nine the night before last, somebody knocked on the front door. Matt and I both answered because I noticed that my brother didn’t have his handgun on him. He was tired and just not thinking. […] Note here that the guy who knocked on the door never saw my handgun.

The dude told a b.s. story about needing the phone number for the person in charge of renting out the lots in this park. Matt got rid of the guy pretty quickly because that’s crap. If you’re a decent person in need of information, you don’t knock on strangers’ doors at night. You collect your info during daylight hours or find it for yourself.

This wasn’t a random break-in attempt. He had scouted the home the night before.

Now, if someone is home at 2100hrs (9pm for those who don’t speak military time) then it’s not a great leap of logic to assume that someone will probably be at home at 0130. So he knew someone would probably be at home before he even tried to break in. Not only that, but he knew there would probably be a male someone at home, because that was who had answered the door the night before.

What do you think he might have been planning to do once he got inside?

My third point notes this.

The Deputy took 10-15 minutes to get here.

Ten to fifteen minutes, for an attempted break-in where shots were fired. How much do you want to bet that the bad guy had a good idea of how long it might take help to arrive? What could he have done to them in ten or fifteen minutes if they had managed to call 911? How long would it have been before a deputy came by on his routine patrol if they hadn’t? What could he have done to three sleeping people in that amount of time?

Would a deputy on patrol even have noticed anything was wrong if he had not been caught while he was still trying to get in?

What do you think he might have been planning to do once he got inside?

This event could have ended very, very badly, but for a combination of luck, level-headedness, and the fact that civilian ownership of a firearm is legal.

Luck: Her sleep schedule had been jumbled, so she was still awake to hear his attempts to get in. Her husband Matt was (from what I gather) exhausted from working to get the home ready and from dealing with her recent illness. Her sister (Sarah) was knocked out on Benadryl due to her allergies. Neither was likely to be awakened by his apparently quiet forced entry, and Sarah actually slept through the gunshot.

Level-headedness: Matt made sure his gun was nearby when he went to sleep, and Cee had the good sense to go back and grab it when she realized someone was trying to break in. She had the good sense to do this before trying to wake anyone else up or call 911. Had she tried to wake someone up first, he might have been inside and on her before she succeeded (see my point about Luck, above). Had she stood there and called 911, he might have been inside and on top of her before anyone answered, and the police would have a nice audio recording of… well, I’m not going to say, but I’m sure you can guess.

Legal civilian ownership of a firearm: He didn’t stop trying to break in until she fired at him, even though he knew she had seen him. If the anti-Rights advocates had their way, there would have been no guns in the home, and Cee’s only option would have been to call 911 and wait the 10-15 minutes it would have taken for a deputy to arrive. This would have had the same result that I inferred in the previous paragraph.

This was about as clean a defensive shooting as you can get. Had she hit him and killed him right there, it would have been fully justified.

Self-defense is a natural right. Self-defense works.


(h/t Weer’d Beard)

[Source: Cranky Chicks with Guns]

It’s just money, is it really worth a life?

Like I keep saying, the criminals have already made that decision.

ROANOKE, VA — Roanoke City Police are searching for two men in connection with a convenience store robbery that took place Thursday afternoon, October 20th.

Officers say a clerk at the One Stop Market in the 2200 block of Williamson Road said the robbers walked in around 1:45 p.m., attacked him, stole items, and ran out. [emphasis mine]

They never even gave him a chance to cooperate – they just assaulted him from the beginning.

But at least the security camera got a picture, right?

Yeah. That’s really useful, isn’t it?. Unfortunately, the clerk didn’t get a very good look, either.

The only unique features the clerk could tell police about the robbers, was that one was about six feet tall, and weighed between 250-300 pounds.  The second was about 5 ft. 11in., 195 lbs., and wore red and white shoes.

If you have any information, call Roanoke City Police at (540) 853-5959.

At a guess, I’d say they came in looking and acting like regular customers right up until they were close enough to attack, and that the initial attack was enough to disable the clerk so he couldn’t fight back effectively, especially against two attackers. Fortunately, they didn’t decide to kill him, and their attack didn’t kill him unintentionally, either (remember, sometimes it only takes one punch).

Whether you think money or merchandise is worth a life is irrelevant – the criminal has already made that decision, and you cannot know what he decided until it’s too late. The only question you should be asking is whether it will be your life or his.

And remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. They can’t stop a crime if they’re not there when it happens. CARRY YOUR GUN!


[Sources: WSLS article, retrieved 10-21-11]

*You* may believe that money isn’t worth a life

But try telling the criminals that.

The anti-Rights crowd tells you that compliance is safer than resistance, but what do you do when they just start shooting? They tell you to give them what they want, but what if they don’t give you the chance?

You fight back. It works.

But what’s surprising is the store clerk (he’s over on the right side of the screen). As he ducks around the corner, he takes shots at the alleged crook, who quickly scrambles back across the counter.

Police say that man is Harold Robertson, and they quickly caught up with him a few blocks away. He was hit twice in the arm and the employee was hurt, too. Both are expected to recover.

One crook injured, one still on the loose, and two store employees who are shaken, one is also injured, but both are alive. That’s a good outcome.

The story doesn’t mention it, but it’s clear on the video – these scum started firing as soon as they spotted the employees. They opened fire without provocation, without warning, and without giving the employees time to react or to comply with any demands they might have made. Had the clerk not grabbed his own gun (and my only critique is that he should have had it on him if possible, not under the counter – he almost couldn’t get to it, and that may be the point when he actually got wounded) would these goblins have simply run off once they had the money, or would they have decided to finish off the witnesses?

Only the crooks themselves know the answer to that question.

Fighting back works. It doesn’t guarantee a perfect outcome, or even that you will survive, but it gives you a better chance than if you don’t even have the option to fight. Remember that, and CARRY YOUR GUN!


[Source: WFAA.com website, retrieved 10/12/11]

(h/t Gun Free Zone)

Guns on campus!?!?!

Today will be a multi-topic post on the subject of guns on campus, since a couple of things have come up lately and I’m playing catch-up.

Who needs a gun on campus? – JMU edition

By way of the Virginia Citizens Defense League mailing list, VA-ALERT, we have a story of a JMU student successfully using a firearm in self defense against a pair of armed robbers.

Police report that around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Jones brandished a gun toward a male victim in the 1400 block of Devon Lane. He was accompanied by George Escobar, 19, of Falls Church,

The victim shot Jones in the upper leg. Jones was taken to Rockingham Memorial Hospital and later transferred to the University of Virginia Medical Center. He has since been released.

Police say the investigation reveals the shooting was made in self-defense and the victim will not face charges.

More information from the VCDL e-mail, that was not in the MSM story:

A JMU student shot one of two men attempting to rob him, ending the robbery and putting one criminal in the hospital and the other in jail.  It’s a small world: Jaime Radtke, who is a neighbor running for the U.S. Senate, told me she knows the student and his family.  Apparently the JMU student used a Ruger LCP in .380 ACP to shoot the gun-brandishing criminal.  The shot hit the criminal in the leg and the guy folded like a deck of cards.  The student was actually surprised that a leg shot from a .380 had so totally incapacitated the bad guy.  What he found out later was that the bullet had hit the bad guy in the thigh, ricocheted off the thigh bone and went through both of his testicles!  As all of the now wincing male readers of this alert will testify: it was lights out, game over at that point.

The police told the JMU student that both of his assailants were bad news and that it was good that he was armed.

Jaime told me that apparently both bad guys had been on the JMU campus earlier that day (so much for that gun-free zone thing).  If the student had been on campus when this dangerous situation had arose, he either might have been murdered if unarmed, or expelled for having the audacity to defend himself.

University gun bans cannot be allowed to stand.

Ouch! Well, someone committing armed robbery is certainly not undeserving of such a fate. Also, as noted in the email, it’s a good thing they decided to confront someone off campus, where students are allowed to defend themselves without worrying about being expelled. I would also like to point out that, contrary to the assertions of most anti-Rights cultists, it was in fact possible for this young man to successfully draw his gun from concealment and successfully fire on his attacker, even though the attacker was already pointing a gun at him.

Who needs a gun on campus? – UVA edition

Another one from VCDL’s VA-ALERT emails (this one available here, scroll to # 6).

Charlottesville Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred near the 500 block of Rugby Road at approximately 2:24 a.m. this morning, Sept. 28, 2011. The male victim, a University student, reported that he was walking north on Rugby Road near Grady Avenue behind three black males. As they approached the intersection of Grady Avenue, two of the men turned and walked toward the victim. One pulled out a hand gun, pointed it at the victim and demanded his property. Taken in the robbery was an undisclosed amount of cash and personal items.

The suspect with the hand gun was described as being between 20 and 25 years old and 6-foot-2 to 6-foot-3 and 180 to 190 pounds. He had a light complexion and was wearing dark clothing. The second suspect was described as being between 20 to 25 years old, approximately 6-feet tall, and 170 to 180 pounds. He had a darker complexion and was also wearing dark clothing.

I’m not certain if this location is on or off campus, but since the victim is a student he would have been disarmed by university policy if he was going to or from classes or any university property at the time.

The UVA police chief throws in the usual useless “safety” advice. The copy below includes commentary (in square brackets) by Phillip Van Cleave, the VCDL President who also manages the email list.

We believe that the Charlottesville-Albemarle-
University area is a safe community, but crime does happen. We encourage you to be aware of your surroundings — especially if walking alone after dark.

We want to remind you of some of the things you can do to protect yourself and your friends if faced with a similar situation.

During a robbery:

1. DO NOT RESIST! Cooperate. Give the suspect(s) whatever he or she asks for: wallet, keys, jewelry, credit cards or whatever. Your life is more valuable than replaceable possessions [PVC: If he wants your life or your body, then what, Chief???  Just let him take what he wants?  Is that what the Chief tells his wife to do – just submit to being murdered or raped?  This kind of Mickey Mouse advice disgusts me.]

2. Be the best witness you can be by getting a good look at the suspect(s) so you can describe him or her later. Try to note clothing, scars, marks, tattoos, facial hair and last direction of travel.

3. Don’t make any sudden, unexpected moves. A nervous criminal may think you are reaching for a weapon.  [PVC:  Why?  That’s exactly what I will be doing!]

4. If the suspect claims to have a gun, knife, razor or whatever, never try to force the bluff.  [PVC:  I won’t.  I will assume he is telling me the truth and will react accordingly.]

5. Never try to be a hero and apprehend the criminal yourself. [PVC:  Agreed.]

6. Notify police immediately by calling 911.

Please remember that there is safety in numbers. If possible, walk with a companion, either male or female — especially after dark and in the early morning hours. An armed robber is less likely to confront two or more than a lone individual.  [PVC:  It’s no guarantee and may not be possible.  Again, is this how the Chief’s wife is expected to live her life?  Going out only in the day or going out in numbers at night?  What good is freedom if you are expected to hide in your home all the time?  After listening to this line of advice, tell me again that gun owners are the ones that are paranoid!  Sheesh.]

Michael A. Gibson
Chief, University of Virginia Police Department

I can’t really improve on Mr. Van Cleave’s commentary, here, except to reiterate my usual responses to the “possessions aren’t worth a life” refrain, and to the disgusting “give him what he wants” go-se: The robber has already decided whether your possessions (or his own entertainment) are worth your life, and you can’t know what he’s decided until it’s too late. You also don’t know if what he truly wants is your body or your life. Act accordingly, and fight back.

VCDL Organizing Campus Carry protests

In light of moves by Virginia Tech, William & Mary, and possibly other colleges and universities in Virginia to set change their gun ban policies into state regulations so that they are enforceable, VCDL is planning a series of protests.

The Board of Directors of VCDL has decided that enough is enough when it comes to the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and guests at Virginia public universities and colleges.  Higher-education “no gun” policies do not make the innocent any safer.  Instead such policies enable people like Cho to wantonly massacre, rape, and rob.

Those policies disarm students, faculty and staff not only on campus, but going to and from campus.  ODU, for example, is not situated in the best part of town and unarmed students pay the price.

What’s even more egregious is that concealed handgun permit holders, who are at least 21 years old, have clean records, have had training, are not illegal drug users or habitual drunkards, and carry virtually everywhere else they go, are purposely left helpless.  There simply is no excuse for that.  Just one armed permit holder in one of those classrooms under attack at Virginia Tech on that fateful day in 2007 could have stopped Cho.


The universities know that the Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli has stated that they are not responsible for ensuring the safety of students (http://tinyurl.com/65vyx9w), yet those same universities demand that students nonetheless delegate their safety to the university and its police officers (who by the way have a Supreme Court ruling that says that THEY are not responsible for the safety of any one individual, only the public generally)!  Nothing against campus police, but the same unfortunate reality applies to them as it does all other police officers – when seconds count between life and death, the police are only minutes away. […]

If higher-education won’t do the right thing on their own, then VCDL and gun owners statewide need to “nudge” them onto the right path.

How do we do that?

Simple.  We hit them where it hurts – right in the wallet.  With the economy in the dumps, higher-ed is probably not getting the level of donations they are used to and we plan on squeezing them even more.

To that effect, VCDL is preparing a series of campus protests over the next few months.  We are having signs, brochures, and stickers made as I write this.  We will be on campus educating students and we will be reaching out to alumni to stop donations to the school until they change their policies, however long that takes.

Those protests will be starting in a few weeks.


If you are an alumni of the following schools, or are considering sending your son or daughter to one of them, and don’t mind your name being published in the pamphlets, email me (president@vcdl.org)  a one or two sentence quote that we can use in the brochures that we will be handing out on campus:

College of William & Mary
Virginia Commonwealth University
George Mason University
Virginia Tech
James Madison University
Radford University

Include in the quote, which university or college you attended.  Something like, “As an alumni of XYZ University, I cannot and will not support a school that mindlessly disarms students, faculty, staff, and guests with concealed handgun permits.”  Please use your own wording.

I will be announcing each protest a week or so before it is held here on VA-ALERT so that we can get a good turnout at each one.  We will need people holding signs, handing out brochures, and talking to those with questions.  Someone from VCDL leadership will be interfacing with the press.

In the meantime, spread the word far and near.  When a university or college asks for money, tell them:  NO GUNS?  NO FUNDS!

The linked court decision, along with a recent Attorney General’s opinion, have prompted several universities to try to change their anti-gun policies to regulations. I’m not convinced that even a regulation would meet the requirements of the state’s preemption law and the Virginia Constitution, but the current legal opinion is that it is sufficient. Either way, this disgusting anti-Rights trend needs to be stopped. I’m not sure that VCDL’s plans will be effective, but it is only one facet of their efforts. I don’t think it will hurt, even if the usual suspects are engaging in their usual PSH about the protests.


The conclusion here is simple: Be active in your state and local politics, especially the area of gun Rights. And carry your gun! It’s a lighter burden than regret!


[Sources (JMU story): WHSV.com story, retrieved 10/11/11, and VCDL VA-ALERT email, received 10/9/11]

[Source (UVA story): VCDL VA-ALERT, received 10/10/11]

[Source (VCDL Protests): VCDL VA-ALERT email, received 10/9/11]

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