Excuse me,

I believe you have my stapler.


It’s good to be the guy in charge of ordering supplies.


Quickie movie review: Man of Steel

Good story, good pacing, good acting. Good movie!

The Kryptonian vs. Kryptonian fight scenes are very well done, and met my expectations of what that kind of fight would look like – bursts of super-speed, use of terrain as a weapon, and truly epic levels of property damage.

I think Henry Cavill did a good Superman, and will do well in the next film, too.

Directors should be fined (say, 5% of gross) for every instance of “shaky-cam” in a movie.

If your theater has older digital projectors that suffer from motion-blur issues, try to find a theater with better projectors (or one that still uses film, if you can) to see this movie in. Motion blur is very noticeable in this film, and not just in the action sequences. Sadly, my local theater has those issues.

Very good movie, IMHO. You should see it, if you haven’t already.


Star Trek: Into Darkness – One line review

Almost a good movie, but wait for the video.

(A longer review, with some spoilers, is below the fold. SPOILERS, I SAID!!! You were warned!)



A couple of things I’ve been meaning to comment on but never got around to:

On the passing of Midnight

I’d like to give a belated thank you to those who gave their sympathy on the recent death of my cat Midnight. It was appreciated.

As a bit of a surprise, a few days after that, I received a sympathy card from the vet. Now, I suspect there are many veterinary clinics that will send such cards, but what was really surprising was that this one had a very nice and personalized hand written note from the veterinarian that actually attended us that night.

Sometimes it’s the little touches that can make such events bearable.

The Great Gas Experiment – a hiccup

Due to a combination of bad timing and the fact that there is only one gas station in my area that has alcohol-free gas, I had to put $5 of alcoholic gas in the car yesterday. I’ll run it close to dry before filling up again to try and minimize the impact. Before I left for the gun show, my car was reporting an average mileage of 24.8 mpg, up from the previous 24.5 mpg. After the gun show, which involved driving on the interstate, it shot up to 25.3 mpg, but that’s not really useful data here because of the difference in driving styles.


Midnight, 1998 – April 7, 2013

Midnight, 1998 - 2013

Midnight, 1998 – 2013

This looks interesting

RWBY, a new series from the creators of Red vs. Blue.

If the embedding doesn’t work, follow the link. So far, there are two “teaser” videos available, Red and White.


Everybody still here?

I thought so. Carry on!


This is pretty cool

and probably expensive.

Definitely a head turner, though.



Desktop meme

Since my iPod rarely gets used any more beyond the occasional trip to my parents, I didn’t bother with the recent meme. Sebastian came up with a new one, though: “What’s on your desktop?” that does work for me.

That’s a pretty cool picture of Captain-General Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto from the manga/anime series Bleach. Mainly because I thought it looked cool and I like the series.


Random tip

Having trouble getting your cell phone’s compass to point north? It probably needs to be calibrated. I’ve struggled with the less-than-clear “move it in a figure eight” directions for a long time, swinging my arm around, moving it around on a desk, and so forth, with no luck.

Today, I found this video which made it all clear.

So that’s what they mean! Simple, quick, and above all it works!


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