This story was linked to by Joseph in a comment to a post at View From The Porch about new efforts to enforce – I kid you not – New York’s sliced-bagel tax.

It was back then that the giraffes who were running the National Health Insurance program found out that they were spending way too much money taking care of people with diseases nobody was likely to cure for some time. The stroke and heart patients were the worst. With the presses at the Treasury working overtime and inflation getting wild, it got to the point where they either had to admit they’d made a mistake or do something drastic. Naturally, they got drastic.

The president declared a health emergency and Congress passed something called the National Health Maintenance Act which said that since certain citizens were behaving irresponsibly by abusing their bodies and thereby giving rise to chronic diseases which resulted in consumption of more that their fair share of medical care at public expense, it was resolved that, in the public interest and for the public good, certain commodities would henceforth and hereafter be either prescribed or strictly rationed. Or something like that.

Foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats headed the list. Next came tobacco and any alcoholic beverage over 30 proof.

But you know what’s really frightening?

[Editor’s note: This story was first published in 1978 by F. Paul Wilson. Then it was probably considered rather “out there”. Today it’s a prescient look at what is close to becoming a reality as the Food Police continually try to foist their “good-for-you” policies on individuals. We’re pleased to bring this story to our audience.] (emphasis mine)

That’s right. The government taking over health care and the resulting attempts to legislate people’s eating habits that we’re seeing today were predicted 32 years ago.

If the consequences are that predictable, do you really think the .gov is going to stop trying? Do you really think it’s going to stop with New York City or California? Government-controlled health care is yet another tool for wannabe tyrants to try and control people. Watch and see.

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