Obama’s DoJ institutes long-gun reporting requirement

Story by David Codrea.

To address the problem of illegal gun trafficking into Mexico, ATF will send an information request to Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) in the four Southwest Border states:  Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The point of this request is to provide a targeted approach to address the problem of illegal gun trafficking through sales to “straw purchasers,” people who claim to be the true buyers of firearms but in reality are purchasing firearms on behalf of others.

ATF will tailor the information request to address the specific threat.  It applies only to firearms dealers in the four border states, and its prospective reporting requirements apply only if a firearms dealer sells within five business days to a single individual two or more long guns having all of the following characteristics:

  • Semi-automatic action;
  • A caliber greater than .22, including .223 caliber firearms;
  • and The ability to accept a detachable magazine.

Previous posts and articles I have read on this “request” indicated that it is very probably illegal – that the reporting requirements are specifically limited by statute to handguns, and only Congress can extend such requirements to long guns, and only by passing an amendment to current law that gets signed by the President.

David Codrea and Mike Vanderbough seem to be the ones on the front line of this one, just as they have been with Operation Fast and Furious. Go check with them for the most recent information.


[Source: National Gun Rights Examiner article, retrieved 7/11/11]

(h/t Mike Vanderbough at Sipsey Street Irregulars)

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