Friday musical comparisons

One of the groups I’m pretty fond of is Nightwish, and I’ve posted a few of their songs before. They’re a Finnish “symphonic metal” band, and actually worked with the London Philharmonic Orchestra in one album (titled Once, released in 2004). In 2005 they split with their original lead vocalist Tarja Turunen and soon after they brought in their new vocalist Anette Olzon.

I like Anette’s voice, and she is very talented, but Tarja’s voice was unique and probably unmatched in modern popular music. I miss Tarja’s voice in the band, as Anette’s voice just doesn’t work with some of their earlier songs, but think the split was actually good for the band itself, as they were sort of going from “Nightwish” to “Tarja Turunen and her backup band”. The current situation lets Nightwish shine on their own and bring a greater breadth to their music – Tarja’s voice didn’t work well with certain music styles, I think – and at the same time let’s Tarja shine on her own as well.

To illustrate this, I’ll post two videos with Tarja and two with Anette, One each of both a ballad style and a more metal style.

First up is Tarja in Sleeping Sun.

Next is Tarja in Over the Hills and Far Away.

Now for Anette. This one is the ballad Turn Loose the Mermaids from their latest albumImaginarium.

And for a harder sound, we have her singing The Escapist from her first Nightwish album Dark Passion Play.

Honestly, I wish they could both be in Nightwish together, and combine both vocal styles in one band.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the music!


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