Gun control doesn’t work

As our “leaders” and their media figureheads bloviate about how we must pass a new “Assault Weapon” Ban now to prevent another massacre, I would just like to remind everyone about this.


Yes, that is a functional AK-clone, built from a shovel.

You see, the technology for manufacturing guns is centuries old. Now that the truly intelligent people have come up with the ideas of the metallic cartridge, removable magazines, and recoil or gas powered loading, anyone with half a brain and the proper tools can build a fully functional “assault weapon” – or even a real assault weapon (as I understand it, a full-auto action is actually easier to make than semi-auto).

Gun control, and especially gun bans, will always fail. Just ask anyone in the Khyber Pass.


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  1. Jacob

     /  April 15, 2014

    There’s no way the barrel of that shovel can sustain the pressure from shooting a bullet.

    • The shovel was used for the receiver, a low pressure part. The barrel was made from an actual barrel blank.


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